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DAISY update from NLBthought some of you may like to take part in this market 

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DAISY Project Update No. 7

Dear All, 

Apologies for not sending out an update sooner - the project team have been 
busy analysing the results of your questionnaires, compiling the project report 
and moving forward with the next phase of the project.

Thank-you very much to all of you who took the time to fill in both 
questionnaires - we've had over 200 responses. 

Dolphin are currently looking at the feedback regarding EaseReader and have 
asked me to pass on their thanks for your responses.

The eagerly awaited DAISY Pilot Project report is in its final stages of 
tweaking and will be available towards the end of June. We will let everyone 
know when it is published and how to get access to it. We are hoping that it 
will also be available on our website.

The good news is that following the positive results from the pilot, we are now 
putting together a project plan, which will go to NLB Council at the end of 
June, to look at the future digital audio (DAISY) service that NLB will offer. 
As a result of your feedback there are a number of issues we still need to 
address - especially around the synthetic voices we use, this work is 
continuing and we are looking into all the options available to us.

Thanks once again for your valuable input into this project - we can't test 
potential services without you! 

NLB is continuing to work with BT to develop ways of delivering future 
electronic services and improving synthetic speech technology.

In connection with this work there follows a request to take part in an 
external market research survey. All will be revealed in the following 
paragraphs. Please do participate if you can - the potential for this new 
service for visually impaired people is huge!

Kind Regards, 

Sarah Home 
DAISY Project Manager 

Request to take part in a market research survey 

BT is working with a company which is developing an innovative, new service 
which promises to enable you to listen to, and very simply browse, your 
favourite publications immediately on going to press. Initially publications 
would be daily newspapers and magazines, but it is likely that this would be 
extended to include books at a later date.

Would you be prepared to take part in market research in order to get your 
views and feedback on the proposed new service? This would take the form of a 
short 15 minutes questionnaire by telephone in June, and at a time and date 
convenient to you. This feedback will help shape the new service.

If you are interested in supporting this research, please ring: 
020 8587 8185 
And provide us with the following information: 
Your full name 
Daytime telephone number 
Alternative telephone number 
Once you have provided these details, we will contact you to carry out the 
questionnaire, or arrange a suitable time for this to take place.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and support.

The survey is being conducted by Ipsos UK.  Ipsos UK is an independent, 
long-established, market research company and all surveys are conducted in 
accordance with the Professional Code of Conduct of the Market Research 
Society. Your answers to this survey are confidential in accordance with the 
Data Protection Act and no contact will be made with you as a result of your 
participation.  Your answers will form part of the analysis of the survey 
results at an aggregated level, but no individual will be identified in any 

For further information about Ipsos UK and the Market Research Society please 
see the contact details below: 

Ipsos UK

Kings House

Kymberley Road


Tel: 020 8861 8000

Email: information@xxxxxxxxx

Web: www.ipsos-uk.com

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