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I hate giving a half baked answer, but I don't have access to an XP
system right now.


However, try to find out how much disk space is reserved for "Restore
Points" - 10% is the maximum, and if it's set to that, reduce it to
say 5%.


Actually look at the c:\windows\temp folder and see what is still in
it.  Disk clean up doesn't always empty it completely.  It's OK to
erase all, though you will get warned if there are files in use.


Do a general search for any files with a .tmp extension - as a general
rule, these can usually be deleted - again you will be warned if a
file is in use.


XP keeps all the update files, and they will be grouped together in
the c:\Windows folder - They begin $NtUninstallKB, a string of numbers
sometimes letters also, and end with a $.  Those can all be deleted.


Try that for starters.




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I have an XP netbook, that has a full drive C. I have tried using disk
clean up, defrag, as well as add/remove, to try and free up some
space, but every time, I get a message telling me that there isn't
enough space to perform the operation, and to free up more drive
space. Can anybody tell me what I can do to get round this? I only had
a small amount of available capacity on this small drive, but Windows
decided to install updates, and pinched what was left, so now I've 0
space, and can't seem to uninstall anything to get back more capacity.


Desperately need some help!


Thanks -





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