[access-uk] Re: Free Youtube to MP3 Converter Version 2 needed

  • From: John Wilson <j.wilson07@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 05:35:47 +0100

Hello Shawn,

I've had a look and it seems completely unusable with speach only. Maybe it would be more usable if you knew in advance what graphics you were looking for but what displays/can be identified as meaningful with NVDA is very little that gives a clue.

thanks anyway.

On 30/09/2014 16:25, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
vdownloader is most definitely malware.I believe I may have posted regarding that particular site when someone had suggested it in a previous post.

the following site however is reliable but it may not be particularly accessible if you have serious visual impairment.


I hope this little nugget of information is of some help


On 30/09/2014 11:37, John Wilson wrote:
Hello Clive,
I wwent to what I thought must be the website for the first of your suggestions at:
www.youtube-mp3.com <http://www.youtube-mp3.com>
and downloaded something called the Vdownloader.
Please confirm that the above is the correct site and that this Vdownloader is waht I need. However, when I installed it, it seemed to also put a browser redirect piece of software on my computer which was very undesirable and it also would not uninstall. Eventually I found a free malware scanner which got rid of it. My research on the net seems to suggest that Vdownloader is a piece of malware also. Have you used this MP3 program and did you get similar results or,when you said, go to:
www.youtube-mp 3: )giving no extension)
did you mean something else?
from what you said, I thought you meant that it converts online and you then download it but the place I went to did not do this but instead provided this dodgy piece of software.
What do you think?
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Hi John,

Have you tried comverting youtube videos to MP3 through either of these websites:

www.youtube-mp3 <http://www.youtube-mp3>:

simple to use: Just paste in the U R L of the vid you want converted hit entre an wait or look for the message that says: "Video successfully converted", then download. It doesn't hike you off to dodgy advertising pages or gambling sites. The draw back is that it will only convert videos up to twenty minutes long.

www.listentoyoutube-com <http://www.listentoyoutube-com>

This has no size limit, but appears to be a little more complex to use -- an extra stage to go through to grab your MP3, and sometimes throws up a couple of nasties. It should ask you to if you want to open or save your MP3 file. Sometimes though, it asks if you want to run or save it. My advice when you see this is to run...a mile in the opposite direction!



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Hello All,

Does anyone have a copy of the setup file for Version 2 of the Free Youtube to MP3 converter they could attach and send me? If so, please let me know and I'll provide my email address for this. It should go as an email attachment OK, I think, as its only about 3 Mb in size.

I used to occasionally use this but lost it when I had to reinstall XP.

I can get the newer Version 3X but it simply doesn't work properly for me, not on either of my Xp or Win 8.1 machines with either JAWS or NVDA. It's just not the same or as accessible.




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