[access-uk] For Tony: Re: Changed the subject line

  • From: Mobeen Iqbal <mobeeniqbal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2016 09:36:34 +0100

Hello tony.

With respect, I have received over 80 emails from this group yesterday, over 20 of which were debating spelling. I like to read many of the messages posted
to this list to see if I can help people, but frankly I deleted most of the thread yesterday without bothering to read them and could potentially have
missed relevant questions that people posted. Your thread was not in relation to access tech as far as I was concerned, of course others may disagree but
is asking how a word is spelled relating to technology? What really gets to me is, in the past, we have had threads debating whether hotels and such are
relevant to this list or not. I actually found the hotels thread interesting, hotel access is certainly an issue that needs to be discussed but obviously
is not relevant here so the thread was stopped. You clearly posted something that could not be classed as relevant in compliance with list guidelines,.
Yes, people may get spellings wrong, and yes more people would maybe benefit from using a spell checker, me included of course. If I was the moderator
of this list, I would certainly not have classed the discussion as relevant and may have given you a warning off list. If the moderators think that the
discussion was relevant, I will hold my hands up and apologize. Sorry if you do not find the occasional advert relevant, but you do not have to press the
delete key 20 or more times to get rid of emails from me or others who advertise on this list. You also do not have to read our messages if you do not
wish to do so. Sorry if you find messages from me or other access tech providers pointless or irrelevant, that's your opinion. I am pasting a copy of
the current list guidelines below, and it could be argued that your messages don't meet with point 1, and that points 5 and 6 should've been taken in to
account in this case also. Had it not been for your response on list, I wouldn't even be sending this. Apologies for any offense caused, but to be fair
some may have classed the discussion as irrelevant if not pointless, surely a simple google would've answered the question. Please let's take this discussion
off list if you have any further comments to me directly, there is no point spamming people's inboxes any more than is necessary.



Policy & Guidelines

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Please be sure that you understand these but feel free to contact the Group Owner if you want further clarification.

1 This list is primarily set up for UK users of Access Technology to discuss any technical problems which are related to either the hardware
or software they are using.

2 Members can discuss access products in relation to mainstream software or hardware.

3 The group is UK based but membership is open to international subscribers.

4 The group is made up from technology users of all walks of life. Knowledge and experience is vast amongst its members. It is therefore
an excellent resource for new members and those less experience to be able to ask questions. Irrespective of your level of knowledge or experience, you
should not be afraid to ask something which you may feel is silly or not important. Chances are that someone else wanted to know the same thing or perhaps
didn�t think of it.

5 Personal comments or remarks of a slanderous or derogatory nature directed to any of the group�s members will not be tolerated.

6 Grievances between members should be directed to the list owner and not aired on list.

7 The list owner reserves the right to terminate or ban any member who contravenes the guidelines despite previous warnings and, without notice.

8 All messages sent to the group should be in plain text.

9 No file attachments are permitted.

10 Try to avoid reply messages such as �me to� and �I thought that�.

11 This group is not a platform to air personal grievances against any one company. For example, minor delays in receiving software or goods.

12 Please keep subject lines on topic. Where the subject content changes, please amend the subject heading before sending.

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