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Do they need to be formatted for FAT or FAT32? Is this an additional thing you have to watch for?


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A couple of days back I reported here on the problem I had with
getting an Edirol R1 to work with a 2GB card.  Well, I was advised by
the guy who runs Inquitaudio to try a much slower card, and he in fact
has sent me a couple of 2GB 12x cards, and the Edirol is happy with
them.  They are Integral brand cards.

So, the fastest card isn't necessarily the one to go for, and the guy
I spoke with said a Marantz machine that worked OK with 40x cards,
wouldn't work with a 50x card.  As faster cards are usually more
expensive then you can save a bit of money and have less risk of

Of course the CF standard seems to be becoming obsolete now, many
manufacturers are designing equipment to work with the newer SD cards,
which are much smaller, but maybe not prone to the possibility of bent
pins if you swap cards a lot.

I only say all of this because I hope it might just help prevent grief
buying cards that turn out not to work for machines like the Bookport,
Book Currier, Plextor and other machines that we tend to use.

If anyone has more thoughts on the technicalities of memory cards I'd
be interested to hear them as I shall be using these a lot more now,
as all of us will be.


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