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  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 18:53:45 +0100

What with and on what grounds?  My observations come from over 20 years 
experience in IT and knowledge of PC web development in a number of the major 
businesses in the UK as well as my own personal experience of Firefox.

Kevin Lloyd
E-mail: kevin.lloyd3@xxxxxxx
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  I entirely disagree.
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    Just to add some balance, here's some disadvantages to Firefox.    

    Firstly, open source doesn't mean more stable, it generally means less 
stable.  That is why major businesses around the world in the main won't 
entertain the idea of open source applications.  Unless you are a programmer 
and plan to download the source and modify it yourself, open source should 
never really be a selling point.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good 
stuff going on in the open source world, Rockbox being a good example but there 
will be many that will let you know that they've downloaded the latest release 
that's been hacked around by inexperienced developers and had to revert back to 
earlier versions.

    Another drawback is that major businesses and organisations generally don't 
invest much time testing a multitude of browsers and Firefox, although growing 
in popularity, will always be down the pecking order after at least the current 
and previous versions or two of internet explorer.  That means it may not be 
tested as well and may expose bugs that the developer is unaware of that could 
cause browser issues.  This could lead to missing information on a web page or 
loss of functionality at best to at worst exposing security vulnerabilities.

    Finally, I haven't experienced any improvement in performance at all 
between Firefox and internet explorer and really there's so little difference 
in functionality that I really don't see what Firefox brings to the table that 
IE hasn't for some considerable time apart from the Web Visam add on.


    Kevin Lloyd
    E-mail: kevin.lloyd3@xxxxxxx
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      Hi Eleanor, 

      In my experience, FF seems to be much quicker and there are a lot of cool 
plugins including Webvisim which allows you to solve CAPCHAS. Also, FF is open 
source, which means that it is very stable as there are a lot of folks 
constantly looking at the code so that it can be fixed faster when there are 
bugs etc. It's jsut a shame that it does not work with Voice Over on Mac OS X 
at the moment but hopefully this will be fixed later this year. 

      Hope this helps 

      Take care 

      James Lyn Nash & Twinny 
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        Subject: [access-uk] Firefox rather than IE 8

        Can someone tell me the advantages of firefox instead of Internet 
Explorer.  I have been looking at the Firefox Web Browser and I choose to look 
something up in both, I seem to just get the same results.


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