[access-uk] Facebook

  • From: "Eleanor Burke" <eleanorburke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 12:12:38 +0100

I am using Supernova which is speech and magnification.  My level of 
magnification means that I only see a very small part of the screen at any one 
time.  Can someone explain to me the layout of what is on a page of Facebook 
when I have logged in?  I know I can keep tabbing round to find out but I just 
found it a little confusing the other day.  I am unclear too where it says 
about friends and the ones I have accepted or not accepted.  When I wanted to 
go ahead and click to accept someone the button said Continue rather than 
accept so that confused me.  Wondered if I had to click on this continue button 
and if that then brought up another screen.  I just seemed to be loosing myself 
on the page.  Finally, there was the option to send someone an e-mail.  I noted 
this came up as usual e-mail and I could put in Subject and even an attachment. 
 Stupid question here but when the e-mail is sent, does it give my e-mail 
address or does it give my Facebook Name only.  How large an attachment can I 
send the person?  Where do I look for the reply to that e-mail?  Do I have to 
go back in to Facebook or will such an e-mail come to me in the usual way?  If 
the person choose not to reply to me and to ignore me is there some way that 
Facebook will let me know that my e-mail is being ignored but has been 
received, otherwise I might be at danger of sending the person an e-mail again 
when they don't want it.  Hope these questions are OK?


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