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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 20:46:13 +0100

Hi Mike - Firstly, it is a genuine request from a colleague, but like you said, 
could be that she is using her address book to try and get all her contacts to 
join her on Face Book. What confused me, was how at the end of the email, there 
was a message from Face Book offering me some links to people already on Face 
Book, that happen to be in my contacts, only 4 of them, but I wondered how they 
could see in to my contacts at all? They also gave me the name of somebody I'd 
never heard of, and who isn't in my contacts. I don't think it's anything to 
worry about, just wondered how they knew some of the people I know -

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  Your collegue may have sent you a request to join Facebook, so would be worth 
asking him to check. Sometimes you can send requests out to all of your email 
contacts, so if he did so, it would have reached you.

  Regarding the other contacts, would your collegue also know them as well? if 
so, they are probably selected from his list of friends randomly and it is 
coincidence you know them all.

  Note: A good rule of thumb, do not reply to links in messages like this, if 
interested, create an account on Facebook and seek out your friends this way.

  Hope this is of help. 


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    Hi all -

    I received an email to join a colleague's Face bookk page; I haven't yet 
done so, and don't even have a Facebook account. Thing is, at the bottum of the 
email, it said other people on Facebook you might be interested in joining, 
are: and a list of 5 other people, all of whom I know, but how does the Face 
book email know I know them?


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