[access-uk] FYI, Amal Glasses information - a wearable assistive tech

  • From: Amro Bilal <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 15:06:15 +0000

Now then. I spoke to the Amal Glasses people and here’s what I’ve got.

Will start with the price! It’s 1100 US Dollars delivered using DHL. They mention on the invoice that these glasses are for the blind, so I guess we don’t have to pay taxes on them when they arrive. The glasses recognise English and Arabic languages. The menus along with all other functions can be set to English so an English-speaking person can fully use it, and in this case they only hear the Arabic if they choose to OCR Arabic text. The glasses recognise most currencies. You have to choose three currencies in settings to be active, and you can change those in settings at any time. The glasses come with 12 months manufacture warranty, and they can provide remote support for software and user help issues. The glasses have 13 functions some of which are OCR, Scenery recognition, reading text on screens and signs… please see their website for complete list of functions. I’m awaiting confirmation for both the resolution of the camera, and what voices exactly the glasses use, though I believe they are Vocaliser voices from what I heard on the video.

Development of the glasses took 3-4 years, and this is the first edition which they released last December. They use proprietary hardware manufactured in the UAE. They don’t have instructions or leaflets in English as yet as they have just started selling the product, the representative said. They only have present in Dubai (UAE) and Riyadh (Saudi) for the time being, so trying the glasses first-hand will be an issue for UK customers at this time, unless they happen to be traveling to one of these cities or have someone there who can try them on their behalf.

The glasses unfortunately work with Android phones only, but this may change in the future to include iPhones. The phone is the brain of the glasses, and they are powered by its battery. The glasses connect to the phone by a thin cable, where the glasses essentially function as a console. For example, to OCR a text, you would first select the OCR function from the menu using the buttons found on the right arm of the frame, and then you would press the button to take a picture to initiate the OCR process, which takes say 5 seconds to get the results, the man said. Few of the functions require internet connection I understand. All the buttons are located on the right arm of the frame. For the glasses to function, the application on the phone has to be in focus (maximised).

I know that our Steve said yesterday that the glasses appear to be bulky, but I asked my wife to have a look, and she said that they didn’t look that bulky, and they looked alright and quite similar to Google glasses. Anyway, this is subjective so best to check the videos.

This is what I gathered from speaking to one of the sales team for now, so if anyone is thinking of getting one of these they are best to confirm these details with the manufacturers.



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