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Subject: Window-Eyes 7.01 Is Now Available!



GW Micro is proud to announce the official release of Window-Eyes 7.01.   

Thanks to customer feedback and the tireless efforts of the Window-Eyes
Error Reporting feature (and those who choose to send in error reports)
Window-Eyes 7.01 boasts more stability, reliability, and performance than
ever before. 

Window-Eyes scripting is changing the accessible landscape of computers, and
the increased stability that Window-Eyes 7.01 provides means being able to
spend more time focusing on script development. Window-Eyes 7.01 also
resolves several issues that affected localized versions of Window-Eyes, and
has increased Window-Eyes marketability across the globe. 

While Window-Eyes 7.01 is a minor upgrade, it packs a significant punch
including a few new features along with several bug fixes. A complete list
of all changes is included below. 

Window-Eyes 7.01 is a FREE upgrade to Window-Eyes 7.0 users. To install
Window-Eyes 7.01, you must already have a working copy of Window-Eyes 7.0
installed (Retail, Demo, Evaluation, Dongle, Everlock, and LTO/Payment Plan
versions are all supported). To download the upgrade, select the
"Window-Eyes Update" option from the Window-Eyes Help menu, or navigate
directly to www.gwmicro.com/upgrade, and enter your serial number manually. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at
support@xxxxxxxxxxx, or via phone at 260-489-3671. 


Enhancements between Window-Eyes 7.01 and Window-Eyes 7.0 

We have resolved several memory leaks, and fixed several stability issues
thanks to the Window-Eyes error reporting feature. Window-Eyes 7.01 is a
significant improvement over Window-Eyes 7.0 in terms of stability and

We fixed a problem where Window-Eyes could hang while leaving and entering
Browse mode quickly. 

We fixed a problem where list boxes were not reading correctly in Visual
Studio 2005/2008. 

We fixed a a problem where Browse Mode would not refresh when a link was
activated in Firefox 3. 

Many upper Unicode characters (most above 7fh) were not getting translated
correctly in English grade 2 braille. This problem has been resolved. 

If the user profile path contained Unicode characters that didn't map into
ANSI, you were not able to install script package files. This problem has
been resolved. 

Window-Eyes would only read part of words with upper Unicode characters in
PowerPoint 2003.  This problem has been resolved. 

Added the WEUpdate script to the factory default scripts.  This script will
automatically check for Window-Eyes updates and let you know if there is an
update available. 


We resolved several issues relating to iTunes, including support for using
the Window-Eyes Find command while in the iTunes store, resolving the issue
of not being able to activate links using the Insert-Tab dialog, resolving
the double reading in listviews and treeviews, speaking expanded and
collapsed when you open and close tree view nodes, speaking the pull down
menus correctly under Windows Vista, and resolving a problem where set files
could not be associated to the iTunes window (or any window whose title was
null). In addition, Window-Eyes does not automatically enable Browse Mode
when the iTunes Store option is selected, meaning you can successfully arrow
through all of the main items without suddenly getting tossed into Browse


If Window-Eyes is localized in a language that a script was not localized
in, the hotkeys won't work because they're not localized to the Window-Eyes
language. To resolve this issue, we have added a new property to the Key
object called UntranslatedName. From now on, our policy is to hard code
default hotkey names in your script, always in English, even if you are
writing the script in another language, because Window-Eyes will always be
able to interrupt English hotkey names. They can still be displayed to the
user in the script language, but they should be stored in INI files, and in
scripts as English. This way no matter what language Window-Eyes is
localized in, or what languages the script you are trying to use is
localized in, the hotkeys will always work. Once again, default hotkey names
should not exist in the XML resource, because they should never be
localized. Keyboard.Key will accept both Key.Name and Key.Unstranslated
name. Refer to the documentation for more information. 

Added Mouse.ButtonDownEx and Mouse.ClickEx methods. Both methods provide the
ability to enhance their respective functions with key modifiers. In
addition, ClickEx fixes a problem of interrupting speech after performing
the mouse click. 

If a null string was returned through various Speech event handlers, speech
would get disabled. This was mainly a problem with Visual Basic which would
return null for speech events that weren?t specifically hooked.  This
problem has been resolved. 

The scripting error dialog would sometimes pass a blank string for the error
description. Now, if Window-Eyes cannot retrieve the error description, a
default message will be used rather than displaying a blank string. 

You can now use language id strings in the XML resource, such as "en" or
"en-us" instead of having to use a hexadecimal number. 

If was possible for a script to not successfully restart, but you would
still hear the restart message. This problem has been resolved. 

We fixed a problem where scripts could error when invoking
Keyboard.Registerhotkey on launch. 

We fixed a problem where you couldn't Control or Shift-Click using the
keyboard (meaning you couldn't tap the Control key and then press the Left
Mouse button hotkey to perform a left click). 

We fixed a version comparison problem when installing script package files. 

Window-Eyes now ensures that any read only attributes on script files being
installing, uninstall, or used when created packages are cleared. This
resolved a problem of script files not getting installed, or removed

The Window-Eyes Scripting Manual has been updated. 

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