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It is indeed interesting that all the other manufacturers are putting some form 
of protection in place. I wonder if this includes Dolphin?  I know they did 
have protection a number of years ago, but took it off the product.

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  OK guys,  

  Here's the situation as stated from Mervyn Robertson of Sight & Sound in the 


  From: Mervyn Robertson
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  Part of the authorisation process generates a digital fingerprint of the 
user's system (called a 'locking code'). This will not change unless a major 
system component is changed (motherboard, CPU, etc.). This should mean that 
reinstalls do not change the status of the number of times that the user has 

  It should be pointed out that the number of installs is nominally set at 3 
(the old authorisation disk usually had an install count of 5). This is not a 
finite limit but intended to be a level beyond which 'might' mean that copy 
protection has been violated or the product has been stolen, shared with 
someone else, etc. We spend a lot of time discussing different scenarios with 
users who want to install on more than three machines and being flexible is 
part of the game.

  It should also be pointed out that replacement of the authorisation disk 
(because it was faulty or damaged) physically took around 10-14 days. Now the 
scheme is electronic, the user can request install count resets over the net or 
can give Sight & Sound a call (or the company that sold them JAWS, who can in 
turn get in touch with us) and we can get install counts reset. Much, much 
quicker than it ever was!

  If GW Micro don't want to protect their product then that's their business! 
All of the other major manufacturers are, or are in the process of, putting 
some form of protection in place. Microsoft, quite rightly, is making a huge 
effort to make people aware that pirating will not be tolerated (I am getting 
several flyers a day!) so I don't see why other companies should not follow 



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