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Hello Darren,

I will try to answer your questions, not necessarily in the order you asked.

Yes, the beep to indicate audio description does still happen on HD.
Most of the Sky channels do move up the lists to appear nearer the
Of the terrestrial channels the only one which appears in HD is BBC 2 on
102, you need 141 for BBC 1 HD.
For some reason I do not know BBC 3 and 4 are not in HD on 115 and 116, but
appear much later in the list.
I do not know why it was decided not to move the terrestrial channels up the
list when the Sky channels were moved.

Additionally, I believe that the audio signal is also better on HD than on
SD, although that may be a misconception.

For a full listing look at:

Regards, John

Regards, John

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Hi List.
A question about the move from Sky SD to HD.
When you become an HD customer, do the HD channels assume the top rank in
your EPG? For example, with SD, I would go to 1-8 for Sky Atlantic, while
the HD version would be listed as 222 on the app channel listings.
Now that I've got the HD package, will 108 become Sky Atlantic HD in place
of the SD version? Or do I still need to go to 222 to make sure I'm getting
the improvements, assuming the programme is of course broadcast as such.
this is also in regard to all other channels, not just Sky Atlantic of
Secondly, do any HD users still have the audio beep when moving through
channels to indicate AD availability? I've got AD turned on, but now have no
beep. Has my sighted assistant simply missed the turning on of the beep
Sorry for such poorly worded queries, but I hope someone can pick the bones
out of this lot enough to be able to provide an answer!
Incidentally, I have called Sky re the whole HD or not HD situation, and
couldn't really get a definitive answer.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

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