[access-uk] Re: Exceeding usb hub port

  • From: "Joe Hunter" <jjjgidlow@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 05:00:22 -0000

well my knowledge is slight on the matter of pen drives and such but I do have 
a pen drive and it sits quite happily in my unpowered usb hub. as I understand 
it the or some items need  a powered hub as some items need a bit of a boost.
I have however, had the pen drive just sitting in the back of the  machine too 
without any probs either way.
running xp home edision.
sincerely joe.
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  Hi Martin,

  I don't quite understand what you've said.  I'll quote what I need 

    >I think maybe the pc is protecting your pen drive.  the usb ports on the 
keyboard are only meant for low >power aps such as mp3 players etc.

    Does this mean that mp3 players are low power aps and pen drives and memory 
card readers are high powered?  I don't know much about all this as you can 

    >your drives is a high powerr item, and needs direct feed, rather than the 
third party feed from your >keyboard.

    Oh, i didn't understand that but, now I'm getting it.  So, pen drives and 
mem card readers normally don't like third party hubs?  Where as low power 
things do?

    I'd love to do a google search to learn more about this but, hmmm... what 
do I put in the search term.

    Unless anyone posts on computer tech forums and can recommend a good one 
for me to look at?

    Thanks for your help martin.  it's starting to make sense.


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