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Was it an advert or was it editorial?
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So why not take the case up with the Advertising Standards Authority!


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Ian.  No, defenitely NO.  Such dishonest utterances by RNIB are pure drivel.  
The credit rests with Pure, and this list, I would say, for this radio 
True, RNIB have campaigned for accessability of products, but this New Beacon 
proclamation is damn lies.
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I have just been looking at the current issue of New Beacon and in the New 
Products and Consumer news section there is a piece about the Pure Digital 
Sonus-1Xt. Having eulogised about its features, we read the sentence, 'All of 
this, and much more, is available now from the latest product launched by RNIB. 
My dictionary tells me that one of the meanings of 'launch' is ''To bring (a 
new product) on to the market, especially with promotions and publicity'. This 
product may be new to the RNIB catalogue, but can they really be said to have 
launched it? Was the radio really available from RNIB before anyone else? Can 
RNIB take any real credit for this product? It is I am sure  agood thing that 
RNIB is selling the product, but, unless I am mistaken (and this is very  
likely to be the case), Can RNIB in any truly meaningful sense claim to have 
launched it?


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