[access-uk] Re: Downloading Books to IPhone With Utility Used For OverDrive

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Hi Carol.
I have only just started using Overdrive.
So far, I have used the PC to go onto the RNIB Overdrive web site to add books 
to my book shelf.
I have then tried using both the PC and iPhone app to download and listen.
I personally prefer listening on the iPhone.  The player in the app is very 
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  Hi all,

  I'm specifically interested to know if any of you do download your books from 
OverDrive directly onto the IPhone and, if so, how the whole process works when 
selecting files for download, getting the utility etc.  This would not be my 
preferred method, but I am interested to know how easy this process is for 
those using IPhones or do you really need to be using a computer first to get 
the books you want?

  Sorry, but I haven't followed all this thread and now need to know facts 
before I possibly have a go at this for myself.

  Carol P

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