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Hi Phil,


Regarding office, you can install it as many times as you like on the same
machine.  So you won't have to buy a new copy.


All the best






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No response to my email of last night so thought I'd try again.


I'm genuinely considering downgrading from Vista home premium to XP on my
new Acer laptop.


My questions are as follows:


Does anyone know if Acer will provide me with an XP disk to use?

Having already loaded on Office 2003 and used my last install is there a way
I can remove Office and somehow put a licence back on my disk so I can use
it again to load on once XP is installed or will I have to get a new copy of

Finally my Acer comes with quite a bit of extra Acer utilities witch if I
wipe the HD and install XP on I will lose -will this matter to actually
getting my laptop to work on XP?


As I say it's a genuine consideration, would value any answers / comments.


Many thanks,





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