[access-uk] Re: Dolphin Juno and Hal Lite

  • From: Mike Ray <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 20:17:19 +0100

Hello Ibrahim,

Thanks in advance for the manual.

My Juno has a PSU and I can see no way of putting batteries in it.


On 17/08/2014 20:14, Ibrahim Gucukoglu wrote:
> Hi Mike.
> There are a couple of differences between the hardware protocols of the
> Juno and Apollo, chiefly because the Juno is a battery operated synth so
> there are power management commands to turn on and off the Juno.  There
> is a complete appendix of hardware commands in the Apollo reference
> manual which I will be sending you, I'm afraid I don't have any
> experience with speak up however obviously dolphin products like Hal
> Lite will work just fine with the Juno.
> All the best, Ibrahim.
> -----Original Message----- From: Mike Ray
> Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 7:58 PM
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> Subject: [access-uk] Re: Dolphin Juno and Hal Lite
> Ibrahim,
> Both of the computers I want to try to get dosbox working on have RS232
> serial ports so I don't need an adaptor.  And I don't think speakup
> works with USB to serial adaptors.
> What I do know though is that speakup can auto-detect a hardware synth.
> Would I be right in assuming the protocol of a Juno is the same, or
> possibly a sub-set of the Apollo?
> Mike
> On 17/08/2014 19:28, Ibrahim Gucukoglu wrote:
>> Hi Mike.
>> Dolphin Computer Access previously Dolphin Systems who manufactured the
>> Apollo range of synths did have a software emulation of their voice
>> called Orpheus, but since I don't use their products except for the Juno
>> and Apollo I had from years back on my DOS laptop, I cant vouch for its
>> availability or development status.  If you want to get an Apollo or
>> juno working, you'll need a USB to serial adapter which properly
>> emulates a COM port and is UART6555 compatible.  I believe most screen
>> readers, certainly JAWS and Window-Eyes have drivers for Apollo hardware
>> still, otherwise you'll need to get hold of a SSIL (Synthesizer Software
>> Interface Library) driver file for it.
>> All the best, Ibrahim.
>> -----Original Message----- From: Mike Ray
>> Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 4:30 PM
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>> Subject: [access-uk] Re: Dolphin Juno and Hal Lite
>> Sean,
>> It's a hardware thing.  I will have to get someone to look at the label.
>> Where can I get one of these software emulations of a Juno or an Apollo?
>> I didn't know such things existed.
>> On 17/08/2014 15:09, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>>> it should be emblazoned on the fascia somewhere unless you are using a
>>> software emulation of the juno, in which case the particular model will
>>> be written either top right or of the screen or in the about page on the
>>> help menu.
>>> On 17/08/2014 15:31, Mike Ray wrote:
>>>> The quick answer is I don't know what version of Juno it is.  Does it
>>>> announce it when I switch it on?  I have not powered it up since I
>>>> bought it.
>>>> On 17/08/2014 14:01, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>>>>> which Juno model are you looking for the manual for, there are several
>>>>> versions.
>>>>> not sure where you#ll find a guide for the Hal lite though but i am
>>>>> sure
>>>>> I can source a pdf manual for the Juno for you.
>>>>> On 17/08/2014 14:18, Mike Ray wrote:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>> I have a wish to run the 'dosbox' DOS emulator in either Windows 7
>>>>>> and/or in Linux.
>>>>>> Does anybody have either plain text or pdf manuals for either or both
>>>>>> the Juno synth or Hal Lite?
>>>>>> Mike

Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

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