[access-uk] Re: Diskeeper 2009 versus standard defrag

  • From: "Vanja Sudar" <vanja@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 16:45:10 -0000

What I personally like about disckeeper is that you don't have to do anything. 
It runs as a windows service, defrags on it's own, optimising it appropriately 
depending on if computer is  idle or in use.
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  From: Ibrahim Gucukoglu 
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  Subject: [access-uk] Diskeeper 2009 versus standard defrag

  Hi Everyone.

  I've been looking in to this product Diskeeper which people seem to be able 
to work well with.  What I want to know is what performance enhancements it 
will bring me over the standard windows defrag which I've been using up till 
now on a scheduled basis when I'm not using the computer.

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