[access-uk] Re: Diskeeper

  • From: Douglas Harrison <harrison1d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 09:14:26 +0100

Thanks for your thoughts, Chris.  I decided during the installation to choose 
the option not to defrag automatically in the background so that I can study 
the documentation thoroughly before actually doing a run.   It is certainly a 
very sophisticated piece of software.  

The Fat32 v. NTFS problem does not appear to have a definite answer.  i 
have read that using the Convert utility on a badly fragmented drive can 
cause problems and as, from what I have read so far, Diskeeper seems 
perfectly able to handle FAT32 partitions, I am tempted, with fingers 
crossed, to do the defrag first.    

On 8 Aug 2007 at 21:05, Chris Hallsworth wrote:  

> Douglas, glad you got the download in the end. Hmm, I think you should
> convert to NTFS before doing anything. NTFS is more secure and file access
> is faster. Also, there's less likely to be file/data corruption issues
> with NTFS than there are with Fat32. In terms of shutting down, I'm not
> sure about that one, but it shouldn't hurt to shut it down while the disk
> is being auto-defragmented, as it's not as if it's defragmenting all the
> time is it? Anyway just my two pence worth, and hope that helps. -----
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Douglas Harrison

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