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Wow!  That's a memory scratching exercise.  M.E.

Now didn't that op. system retain the ability to use either config.sys
or autoexec.bat where there was something like a LASTDRIVE=3D statement?

Could it possibly be that yours is set to LASTDRIVE=3DG

Just a wild thought.


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Please can somebody suggest how I can make my laptop see all the drives
I wish to connect to it.

The machine is an Evesham laptop, running Windows M.E.

I have replaced it's original hard disk by a larger one but have the old
disk in a caddy which connects via the USB ports.  I also have two 5gb
micro drives which plug into the pcm/ciaa slots, I also have a 250mb
parrellel zip drive.

In all cases, the drivers Etc. are properly installed and all drives are
known by and can be seen by the system - but - here comes the rub.

I can have the zip drive and both cards, no zip drive and both cards,
one card and the external drive with or without the zip drive and all
are seen ok.  If, however, I try and have both cards and the external
USB drive connected, the cards take priority and the USB is not even
seen by the machine.

So, I've found that a: c: are present as normal floppy and fixed
internal hard drives, d: is the zip drive, e: the cd-rom, if cards both
present they are f: and g: but if only one card present with the USB, f:
is the card and
g: the USB.

How, what do I need to do so that I can have all drives present and
known to the system?  I want to be able if necessary to add to the
system as and when necessary.

Please note I am not a techy, so please keep it simple and elementary -
remember it is Windows M.E.

Thanks for any help / suggestions.


Colin R. Howard.

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