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The Olympus DM1 was a recorder many blind users found convenient to use, but it 
seems to have been superseded now, and my searches find the DM20 from Olypus 
being advertised in its place.

I found the following info at:


It sounds to be a very attractive unit, but I wonder how easy it is to use.  
Maybe there's a review at blindcooltech,where such things tend to get a good 
in-depth user review these days.

Brief details of the DM20 follow.

Personal emails:  Email me at

DM 20 Features and Benefits 

Transcribe Olympus Files using the Start Stop Universal Transcription System 

  a.. Voice recorder and music recorder/player all in one. 
  b.. 128MB of built-in internal memory for 45 hours of voice recording or two 
hours of music. 
  c.. Supports voice/audio recording files in DSS and WMA formats and music 
recording files in MP3 and WMA. 
  d.. Stereo recording and playback. 
  e.. USB Docking Station for quick, easy uploads and downloads. 
  f.. PC and Mac® compatible. 
  g.. Included remote control doubles as an external microphone. 
  h.. Noise Cancellation mode reduces ambient sound for improved clarity. 
  i.. WOWTM audio technology provides rich bass and 3-dimensional stereo sound 
during music playback. 
  j.. Manage your voice files in 5 folders and music files in 2 folders capable 
of storing up to 199 files in each. 
  k.. SHQ, HQ, SP and LP modes provide recording flexibility. 
  l.. Voice activation. 
  m.. Index marking. 
  n.. Large, backlit LCD. 
  o.. Compact for comfort. 
  p.. Attractive design. 
  q.. Metal body for remarkable durability. 

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