[access-uk] Re: Deleting files on the ipad with itunes

  • From: "Amro Bilal" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 18:04:46 -0000

Hi Kulvinder, sorry I forgot it was who asked. Reading the article, I 
understood that one uses the delete button on your computer's keyboard after 
you connect the iPad to iTunes and highlight the file you intend to delete in 
the documents list. I haven't tried it yet though so I may have understood the 
article wrong.

Did you try the method of touching and hold the item for two seconds until you 
hear that jingle sound...? That sure works with removing applications and stuff 
from iTunes.

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  hi there

  it was me and I have just read the article to which you refer and I have to 
  say that the answer given is no more than I already knew.

  As is pointed out, the delete key that is referred to, only appears when the 
  virtual keyboard is used.

  I haven't however, found a way to bring up said virtual keyboard when 
  browsing files etc.

  Thanks anyway for the article.


  Kulvinder Singh Bhogal
  windows live: kulvinder@xxxxxxxx
  skypename: bobba2006
  Phone: +447792888797
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  Subject: [access-uk] Deleting files on the ipad with itunes

  Someone asked how to delete files on the ipad recently. I've just found the 
  answer in this short article:


  it sounds easy enough.

  Sorry I no longer have the original message to reply to...



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