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  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:55:05 +0100

Hi Babs, I'd be very careful.  Most of the software with these branded machines 
is often resource hungry and a pain in the ass but some are quite important as 
well.  I'd investigate each one first and make sure it doesn't remove any 
shared components if you remove it.  From what you've mentioned, the only one 
I'd be especially cautious about would be the Dell Driver Reset Tool.  Some of 
these branded machines have specific drivers because sometimes some of the 
hardware isn't exactly standard and it may be very difficult to get replacement 
drivers in the event of a system failure or reformat.  The other two probably 
would be ok but I'd try to investigate it further before simply taking the 
advice of one or two people.

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  Hi all

  I am using a Del desktop PC. The computer came with a few bits of Del 
software loaded. I am wondering if removing this software would cause any 
problems? The software in question is:

  Del data safe online
  Del driver reset tool
  Del support centre

  Any advice greatly appreciated.

  Barbara Wilson
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