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Interesting!!!!  How do you get phones from Nokia on trial?!!!  i have the N97 
Mini which is both touch screen and has a physical keypad.  I cannot operate 
the touch screen in bright sunlight, no way without using my residual vision so 
it is not used much out and about, no more texting like I always did yet I find 
it hard to go back to one of the others, e71 or e72 and just like the Mini.  Of 
course at home or in dark environments I can use the touch screen and the 
physical keypad at any time.
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  I realise this is something which has probably been discussed on here many 
times, but I would nevertheless appreciate some of your collective thoughts.


  I would like to get myself a touch phone, however following my disastrous and 
short lived relationship with the Nokia X6 i am struggling to find anything 
decent amongst the touch range.


  I have been thinking of choosing either the Nokia 5800 or the Nokia N97 as 
these seem to have the best feature sets out of all the Nokia phones I have 
looked at on the web, and also they are very amenable to having their firmware 
tweaked and modified, which is something I'm definitely into.  If I were to buy 
either of these phones, it would probably be from eBay, at a reduced price, so 
that if I should inadvertently brick the phone beyond repair, it would not be 
such a major loss.  However, it would also be nice to have a touch phone that I 
can just play with, and it might even become my second everyday work phone.


  I note that the N97 has a higher specification camera and a larger screen, 
but I would be interested to know how the two phones compare in terms of 
usability, both in terms of comfort and accessibility.  Also, if you have any 
comments or tips for either of these phones, I would be very grateful to 
receive them.


  I have ordered both of these phones from Nokia on trial, however they will 
not be here for several days.  I would like to have at least made a tentative 
decision in my mind by the time they arrive, so I can then go ahead and finally 
source the phone on which I eventually decide.


  Thank you in advance for your help,


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for any errors in the text.



  Have a pleasant day,


  Kind Regards and Best Wishes,




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