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Hi Carol -

I found it strait forward; if you've made several recordings to the hard drive, 
then pressing the menu button, with sighted help initially to note how many 
presses of the arrow keys get you to the desired function, and press ok, then 
you find the last recording is highlighted and pressing ok will play it, but 
you can arrow back through previous recordings--what's actually on the screen, 
is a number of windows, one for each recording, giving details of that 
programme--each press of the arrow key plays the start of the recording it is 
on, so you can hear if it's the one you want to select, and press ok to play it.

The 769 is also a Freeview receiver; it's priced anywhere between £214-£299.

It's probable that I am going to buy one of these machines after the weekend, 
so if anybody has any further questions I'll do my best to help; I think I've 
been fortunate to find a very helpful sales guy in a Panasonic only shop, 
unlike some, he didn't try to fob me off, he listened and respected the 
knowledge I already had, and with his, and a read of the instructions, and a 
hands on experience, we arrived at the point where I feel comfortable this is 
going to be a success; I just want to establish one more thing before I buy, 
which is can I hook it up to my current home cinema set up.


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  Would it get more complex if you want to choose which programme you listened 
to or can you skip from one to the next easily enough and find the one you want?

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  > Hi all -
  > I spent some time today in a Panasonic store with a very
  > helpful sales guy, and have discovered that many of their
  > DVD recorders are accessible, after some initial sighted
  > help, including the 769, mentioned in a thread on this
  > list.    
  > Having tried it for myself, I was able to select the
  > channel, the date, the start and end times, and AD, and
  > after the recording, was able to play it back too.  
  > One great feature with several--can't say all models--is
  > the ability to record the AD when carried by a programme;
  > the models that are able to do this, all have a built-in
  > hard drive, this feature isn't available on disc only
  > machines.    
  >  So, if you feel able to learn some pretty strait forward
  > key sequences using a remote, then these Panasonic
  > machines seem a great way to go. There may well be other
  > manufacturers offering the same kind of accessibility,
  > but Panasonic is the one I have checked out; but I am
  > aware of a Toshiba model that does the same.     
  > HTH -
  > Andy


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