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  • Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 21:31:57 +0100

I realise this, I was just compairing like with like, because in the
current state with JFW or WE you would also need DCM.
In the real world there is also the issue of sound cards being disabled
or having to get the volume turned up on them etc.  I speak as a student
who comes into a computer lab and has taken ages to get it running
because they have to get the sound on, which is quite often not possible
with no sight.  


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Hi Andrew,
I wouldn't describe it as seamlessly with Dolphin.  You still have to
install the DCM component, and for that, you need admin rights.  How
many Internet cafes are going to give you admin rights, so you can
install DCM to their computers?
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On newer versions of JFW you would have an issue with the location of
the stored files for JFW.  Unless you put the stored files on a pen, it
wouldn't work, because the files would get stored in the profile
location within c:\documents and settings\username, and are not saved to
the pen on exit.  If you were on a network with roming profiles, it
would work, but rather defeating the point of the pen.
No, there are actual modifications to the Supernova program in order to
get the pen working, which is why it works seemlessly with the Dolphin

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Noticed that Dolphin are trumpeting their pens.  I've put JFW on a pen
and used it on another PC successfully.  Can't remember whether it was
in demo mode or not, but it was OK.  Have others done this?  It would
presumably work for Dolphin stuff too without the key!

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