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Hi Barbara,


I have also seen this on Twitter, and even retweeted it myself, but I am
pretty sure it is a hoax.


All the best





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Apologies for the bulk Email, but I'm trying to send this to as many people
who have sent it to me and the lists I have also read it on. I hope the
moderators don't mind but I thought it of such importance to take the


Many of you by now will have received an Email warning of potential cuts to
DLA and an upcoming Green Paper making certain proposals regarding benefits.
On first receiving this Email I was suspicious as I tend to be of all such
Emails. On going to the site, I noticed they were asking for your name and
Email address. Again the warning bells sounded, is this just a way to get as
many Email addresses as possible? There was a link to download the Green
Paper and read and again I was worried this might just be a virus they want
you to download to your computer.


Not being sure, I forwarded an Email to someone I know who works as a
manager in the social care sector and is always well informed on such
issues. I was sure if this was a real threat she would be aware of it. She's
just replied informing me that she knows nothing about these proposals and
is like myself, concerned by the Website in question. She has told me she
knows of an Email in circulation informing people they may be elligible for
a tax rebate. The Email porports to be from HMRC and the Website the link
brings you too indeed looks just like that of the HMRC. However, it contains
a very harmful virus.


Whether you think I am just being over-cautious or you like me are
suspicious, I just thought it important to sound a word of caution before we
all get carried away at the idea of what would be a very serious decision.



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