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On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:46:30 +0000, Graham Lewis wrote:

>Unfortunately the fact sheet is a PDF which I cannot read.  Does anybody know 
>if this comes with a mains adapter?
>Graham Lewis
Here is the text.
SONUS-1XT is the world's first DAB digital radio with iVOX? voice
feedback technology, bringing new levels of accessibility to radio
listening. Based on EVOKE-1, the world's best-selling DAB radio,
SONUS-1XT maintains the original's classic looks, but adds voice
feedback, smoother lines, a clear graphical display, even better
audio quality and alarm clock functions.
Tap the unique SnoozeHandle? once to hear the time in clear,
human tones (no robots here!). Tap it twice to have your alarm
settings confirmed. An adjustable sleep timer lets you go to sleep
to relaxing music or chat, and the independent alarms can wake
you to a completely different station or a tone if you prefer.
With voice prompts, clear instructions, automatic volume
equalisation, a CD-based audio user guide, and dedicated
UK-based support team, SONUS-1XT is the easiest radio you will
ever own.
Alternative voices are available from our website at www.pure.com.
The World?s First DAB Radio with Voice Feedback
iVOX Technology
Uses recorded speech to provide
selectable voice feedback for anything
from the time, to your alarm settings to
the full set-up of the radio ? it can even
spell out DAB scrolling text. And it?s easy
to adjust the amount of voice feedback
using the dedicated iVOX button.
Unique Bedside Features
Enhanced touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle
tells you the time, tells you your alarm
settings, snoozes the alarm and lights
the display at night to see the time.
Volume Equalisation Technology
automatically adjusts volume levels when
you change stations so you don't have to.
SONUS-1XT, XT-1, iVOX, VET, PURE, the PURE logo, PURE Digital, the PURE Digital 
Imagination Technologies and the Imagination Technologies
logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Imagination Technologies 
All other logos, products, trademarks and registered
trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. This publication 
for information only. Any contract between Imagination
Technologies and its customers will be subject to the terms and conditions of 
relevant agreement. Specifications are subject to change without
notice. Copyright © 2005 Imagination Technologies Limited, an Imagination 
Group plc Company. 12K37 FEBRUARY 2005
PURE Digital, Imagination Technologies Ltd., Imagination House,
Home Park Estate, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8LZ, UK.
+44 (0)1923 277488 +44 (0)1923 270188 sales@xxxxxxxx
. Easy-to-read full-screen graphical display.
. Two independent alarms mean you can have different alarms for you and your 
different alarm settings for weekdays or weekends, or set a backup alarm just in
you sleep through the first. Alarms can be set to different stations or to a 
. Touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle? snoozes the alarm and indicates time and alarm 
with one or two taps.
. Sleep button switches SONUS-1XT off automatically after 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 
Set the alarm as well and you can fall asleep to one station and wake up to 
. Clock is automatically updated from the broadcast DAB time signal, so you 
have to
set it or worry about resetting it when the clocks go forward or back.
. Nine record timers allow you to record your favourite radio shows to a 
recording device*.
. USB connector enables you to keep your SONUS-1XT up to date by downloading 
upgrades from an internet-connected PC.
* For timed recording you?ll need a recorder with an optical input that supports
sync-record, such as a
MiniDisc or CD-R recorder, or a recorder with a timer of its own.
iVOXTM makes radio accessible to everyone all the time. Using iVOX
technology SONUS-1XT tells you station names, tells you the time,
and tells you your alarm settings. It can even talk you through
setting alarms or presets. All in real human tones. And all under
your complete control. Just turn off what you don't need using the
easy-to-change iVOX settings.
Woken up but don't want to open your eyes? Just tap the
SnoozeHandleTM and SONUS-1XT will tell you the time.
Want to check your alarm settings? Simply tap the SnoozeHandle
twice and they'll be spoken to you.
Can't find your glasses? SONUS-1XT will name the stations as you
scroll through them, and even talk you through all aspects of
setting up the radio.
Ever been frustrated when changing
from a talk station to a music station,
because you always have to adjust
the volume? No more.
Volume Equalisation Technology
(VETTM) means that your SONUS-1XT
constantly monitors the audio levels
of every station and subtly adjusts
their relative volume levels over time.
So once you've found the volume
setting you like you can switch
between stations without changing
the volume.
snoitatSTEVtuohtiWVolume levelsVolume levels
DAB digital radio with full Band III reception.
Alarm: Dual independent alarms with station or
tone selection.
Speaker: Full-range 3" drive unit.
Controls: Power on/standby, volume, tune/select,
autotune, info, menu, sleep and 10 presets.
LCD display: High-resolution white-on-blue LCD
display with selectable brightness levels.
Power supply: 230V AC to 9V DC external power
Dimensions (mm): 210 (w) x 175 (h) x 110 (d)
Warranty: Two years.
Stereo XT-1 Speaker
USB connector Output Power Input
Line Out
Optical Headphone
Digital Out Socket
. Same style and finish as your SONUS-1XT
. Matching full-range 3" drive unit
. Bass reflex ported
. Solid wood cabinet and metallic grille
. Supplied with 3m cable
Please note that SONUS-1XT and the XT-1 auxiliary speaker
use real wood veneer. As with all natural wood products,
some variation in colour is to be expected.
Available from

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