[access-uk] Re: Copying data from one computer to another.

  • From: "Robert Stokes" <restokes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 10:45:31 -0000

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately, as yet, my efforts to share information between my two computers have been unsuccessful. This is what I did.

I renamed the computers PC01 and Pc02 and left them both as Workgroups. I then created a folder called 'File Sharing' on both machines and enabled sharing via Sharing and Security in the context menu. I copied a folder called 'uploads,' containing a collection of text files, into the File Sharing Folder on PC01 and then went on to PC02.

I activated the Run Command and typed \\pc01\uploads and got the following error message: 'The Network location cannot be reached' and when I tried something similar from PC01, I got the error message 'The Network path was not found. I tried variations of the path in the Run Command including, inserting the folder name 'File Sharing' with the same result.

You said it might be possible to use the XP Network Setup Wizard but I've tried that several time in the past which may perhaps be the reason this latest attempt has failed.

Anyway, thanks very much for your help.

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If you are stuck please let me know, I am running a slightly different
system here and don't have access to a basic workgroup system, so
couldn't refresh myself with all the dialog boxes.  If it really doesn't
work, we may have to use the XP network setup wizard, but take care
running this, as it can sometimes play with existing configurations,
messing them up.

This will give you a much faster/stable connection than USB.

Hope this helps,

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