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  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 10:50:21 -0000

Hi Andy.

No no no, we’re not talking about your Apple online shop purchases, the ITunes 
store is totally different with a different system for both billing and order 

All the best, Ibrahim.

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Hi Ibrahim -

I have actually tried that approach, but when I tried to looked at my purchase 
history, it only showed me my purchase of the mains charger, nothing for 
sofgtware purchases -

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  Hi Andy.

  If you want to request a refund for any purchase you make on the app store, 
the procedure to follow is follows:
  1.  Open up the ITunes application on your computer and go to the ITunes 
  2.  Click on the my account button, select purchase history after logging in 
and then select the invoice number that corresponds to the item in question.
  3.  Select the item from the invoice you have a problem with and proceed to 
fill in the feedback form, stating the reason for your request and providing 
additional details.

  If all is well, you’ll have a reply from the ITunes store customer services 
within 24 hours giving you their decision.

  All the best and good luck, Ibrahim.

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  Hi all -

  I sent an email to Apple regarding my loss of accessibility to the Tune-In 
app since upgrading the app itself. I got a reply saying they were sorry I was 
having an issue with Itunes, and to  click a link to fill in a query form. 
Obviously they hadn't bothered to read my email properly!

  I think some time ago somebody [may have been Ibrahim] said on this list that 
if there was an issue with any purchased software from Apple, and it's use with 
Voice Over, there was a contact to write to at apple that would resolve or 
refund. Anybody know the appropriate email address for this please?

  I'm surprised that others haven't reported the problem with Tune-in as many 
on these forums have bought and loved the programme. Maybe most haven't 
upgraded it's software. I'd be really interested to hear if after upgrading, 
not necessarily the Apple IOS, but the Tune-In software, if it still works for 
most people? -


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