[access-uk] Re: Complaint Letter?

  • From: "dave and sally" <slavelady2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 09:11:25 +0100

    hi there, this is probably one of the most important letters you will ever 
have to rite. from personal experiance of this, all i can advise you to do is 
sit down and make a list of the facts as you know them, and never speculate as 
to what you think someone ment, and if you can remember their actual words put 
them in quotes.
be sure that before you name them, other people who were witness to the 
insodent are willing to back you up, as when it comes down to the crunch, many 
people nowadays prefer  not to get involved. 

there may be a few sites around that will help you with the layout of such a 
letter, but unless you are prepared to confide the circumstances to someone who 
is going to help you,  it will be hard for anyone to word it for you.

the best thing is to make a few drafts first, then read it over a few times  
before you actually do your final letter. 
what i usually do is in my first draft put down evrything i would like to say, 
then after reading it over a few times, take out the bits i cant say for fear 
of being pulled over the coals myself for using diflamitary remarks about other 

just remember, keep it factual, dont ramble on, stay polite, and dont exajurate.
state your points on what was said, and why this was wrong, and dont get angry 
in your letter.
depending on how you realy feel, do not put in any ultamitums, or offer your 
resignation  should it not go your way, this could back fire on you big time.

as i said above, without knowing the actual circumstances, i cant realy advise 
you any further. 

Dave & Sally. 
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Subject: [access-uk] Complaint Letter?

hi guys,
I have to write a letter of complaint to my local Miners Welfare Social Club 
Committee. The complaint is regarding a verbal & actual assault on my wife 
Anne by one of the clubs committee members.

Could someone in the group please provide some good URL'S where I can get 
some advice on writing such a letter of complaint, I don't really know where 
to begin with this.
Any kind of help would be really helpful.

Hope I'm not going too far off topic with this one, if I am, then I 
apoligise in advance, but as you can imagine, we are still in shock after 
Saturday night,


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