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  • Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 11:30:38 +0100

Hi Andy

Well I was fortunate in that someone gave me a Colortest 2000, which is how
I come to own one in addition to the Colorino.  I find the Colortest 2000
quite good on light colours, and it is good at telling me which is the
lavender or light blue of the two jumpers I referred to in an earlier
message.  It tells you if something is white too rather than grey or beige
that Colorino often says.

The Cobolt colour detector isn't that great.  The Colorino is a lovely
little detector and the one I would take with me if I went away and needed
assistance with colours.  But the Colortest also gives you saturation info.
For example, I am wearing a purple top today, and the Colortest just
announced it is pale purple, followed by misty lilac blue.  I presume this
latter info is the saturation level.

It has other stuff on it that I've never played with, but the trouble is
that it is more expensive, though I don't know by how much.  The voice on
the Colortest 2000 is the same as the voice on the Colorino, and I like it.
I love colour detectors, they fascinate me for some reason.

I hope that gives you some idea.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Cairns
J&M Work-Ability

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Hi Jackie and all
Jackie, is the Colortest more expensive than the colorino? I find the latter
quite useful, but it can be very far out with some of it's results. For
example, it really struggles to see white shirts as white, often thinking
they are light gray or green! And it often can't tell navy from black. Is
the Colortest more accurate than the Colorino would you say? -

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