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Thanks David,

Out of curiosity, how long do they stay open by default? This is the first I'd
heard of an 'optimise for blindness' page. I suspect that it's a well-kept
secret for most blind computer novices. Does the information about the
'Optimise for blindness' page need to be more prominently available to blind
people themselves? If so, does anyone fancy writing an overview article on
what's on the page, for posting on BCAB website?


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Hi David,
to click a notification balloon press numpad slash (I presume it's CAPS LOCK+8
on laptop layout, but haven't tried this.)

To modify how long balloons stay open:
1. To open the "use the computer without a display" page of the Control Panel,
type optimize for blindness into the Start menu search box, and press Enter.
Alternatively, open the Ease of access center either using the Start menu
search box or by pressing Windows Key + U, then Tab to the Use the computer
without a display link, and open it.
2. On this page there's a “How long should Windows notification dialog boxes
remain open?” combo box. Set the time that you want, and then Tab to the OK
button and press it.


original message:
Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run efixpro to find some virus or whatevber. The program has
found something but I need to click on a balloon. Could somebody please remind
me how?

Using Windows 7 and Jaws 16.

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