[access-uk] Re: Children of Beslan - Response from the BBC

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 20:20:00 +0100

Well Barry, Carol and others, I've been following this thread but I am sort of 
losing the thread too!  What is it that is being demanded to meet our needs, 
re. subtitling of programmes?  Are we demanding voice-over always be used?  Or, 
maybe, an alternate transmission with voice over for those like us - and others 
- who cannot follow the very fast changing subtitles?  Or, again, maybe that 
the audio-description channel be used for this purpose?  (Even though not gvery 
many yet have access via the Netgem and other devices.

To me it speaks volumes that the deaf community are, or seem to be, far more 
readily accomodated than we are.  Makes me think that blindness and its needs 
are a real no no for those who, elegedly, have such good aesthetic 
sensabilities.  You would have thought the Beeb, public service broadcasting 
and all that, would at least make a real effort to do something along the lines 
I've mentioned above.

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From: "Dj Paddy" 

|I feel exactly the same.
| Alot of time when it comes to television and media like it such as DVD/VHS I 
| genuinly don't get bent out of shape.
| But the blazay responses have really got me.  Especially from a company who 
| it's the law to fund!  Or at least help with!
| Dj Paddy
| ----- Original Message ----- 
| From: "Carol Pearson" 
| > We appreciate it, Ian.
| >
| > All we want is to see that programme with some speech over . . ..
| >
| > I don't want to settle until I get that, even if they have to do it now
| > for a group of us!
| >
| >
| > --
| > Carol
| > carol.pearson@xxxxxxxxxxxx
| >
| >
| >
| > -----Original Message-----
| > From: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
| > Of Ian Macrae

| >
| >
| > Hi Carol,
| >
| > The response you received is completely inadequate and totally
| > inappropriate in terms of its content and its language.  I'm pleased to
| > note it came from en employee of capita and not someone from the Beeb
| > directly.  However, since they represent BBC views, you can be certain
| > my dander is now up and I'll be pursuing this relentlessly.  I'll keep
| > the list posted as to what happens.
| >
| > Cheers now.
| >
| > Ian
| >

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