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Hi Roger - Couldn't find anything similar on the Maplin website. Most of the 
recorders they have for this kind of thing come in at around £150. They have 
something else at about 60 quid that uses cassettes. I really just want a 
digital recorder that will record about 10 minutes of messages when on a call, 
that I can then transfer to wherever I want to store the info -

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  I went and bought a telephone call recorder from Maplin Electronics some 
years ago that I’m still using.  All it is is a cable that plugs into the 
telephone jack socket and the telephone plugs into that. The other end plugs 
into a recording device. It was originally a cassette recorder but is now hard 
memory voice recorder. If during the call I need to note details I simply press 
the record button. At the end of the call just play back and use the 
information you needed to record the call for. All for the princely sum of 
under £20 plus the recorder I bought mine several years ago for £9.95 and the 
recorder was £17.99 but inflation will have increased these prices somewhat I 
should think.


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  Subject: [access-uk] Cheap note taker for phone messages

  Hi all -

  I'm looking for a cheap but reliable gadget to have near my phone for jotting 
down phone numbers and brief messages when on a call. I don't want to pay 
hundreds of pound for loads of bells and whistles, just want a simple instantly 
recording device. Any suggestions? -


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