[access-uk] Central Heating Timers

  • From: "Gordon Atkinson" <g.atkinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Access-UK" <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 20:16:10 +0100

Hi, Peter,

I think I got the following info from an e-mail which was sent to Access-uk some time ago.

It may be what you are after.

Gordon Atkinson

"Danfoss 4033 24-Hour Mechanical Programmer
TIMED/OFF/ON (Constant) for heating and same for domestic hot water.
Off and On override.

this switch is available from danfoss randall ltd of bedford.

they do a braille version which is very accessible. it has 2 switches, one
switch for hot water, the other for the heating system. they are clearly

each switch has 3 positions, off, on and timed.

there is a rotary dial with dots around it, a little like a braille watch.
there is a reference dot so you can use the rotary dial to enable you to set
the 24 hour clock. there are 4 colour coded tappets, 2 red 2 blue, one set
for each function, namely heating and water. simply slide the tappets to the
desired on/off times. the tappets are also marked with tactile markings, a
series of different numbers of dots.I think you may have to specifically
a braille version of the timer.  this switch is very well designed for a
blind person to use.

I would suggest giving this company a ring before purchasing, and asking
them if it will work with your particular heating system. They have a wide
on offer, and do not forget to ask them if they can supply a Braille version
if this is required. Details as follows.

Danfoss Randall Ltd.
Ampthill Road,
MK42 9ER

Tel: 0845 121 7400
Fax: 0845 121 7515
Email danfossrandall@xxxxxxxxxxx

Sales Office
Tel: 0845 1217 500
Fax: 0845 1217 510

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