[access-uk] Re: Can't open msc files

  • From: "James O'Dell" <jamesodell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 14:18:30 +0100

Hi, just an update to the message I posted yesterday.

It now seems that no .msc files at all are opening, meaning that I can't
access any of the computer management applications, so no wonder replacing
the files didn't work.  It sounds like there's something wrong with
Microsoft Management Console itself.  I have done virus and spyware scanning
with Norton, Spybot and Adaware, and the problem hasn't gone away.  But I am
beginning to wonder if I have a problem with Spyware or something because
Windows Update doesn't seem to be loading properly.  When I try to open it
It seems to start loading the page, but when I navigate around all I can see
is the title, "Microsoft Windows Update", and the contents aren't visible
even though it says "done" in the status line and other websites are loading
without any problems.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

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Subject: Can't open msc files

Hi all

I've recently started having a problem in XP Pro which means I can't open device manager or disk defragmenter, I get an error saying

"MMC cannot open the file c:\windows\system32\devmgmt.msc" for Device Manager and "c:\windows\system32\dfrg.msc".

I have followed the directions given on this web page
And used the expansion utility to replace these files. I have a folder on my hard drive called c:\i386, which seems to contain the compressed files for windows. I have used the expansion utility, adapting the file paths appropriately, to replace the files. The expansion itself seems to have worked according to the results in the cmd window, but I still can't start device manager or Defragmenter, I get the same error message.

Any help would be gratefully received.



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