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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 11:55:23 +0100

Hi, firstly, it is still possible to get XP machines, you just need to shop 
around. Try local computer shops, Dell, places like that, you might not get 
much luck with the big chains. 

Secondly, Vista is perfectly accessible with Jaws and has been since version 8 
if memory serves, but you would be very well advised to keep your Jaws up to 
date at all times. Personally, after years of resistance, I've given in and 
will always keep the shark up to date now. New versions seem to be working on 
things that are really relevant, and when another screen reader comes up with 
an innovation, Jaws seems now to be able to take it on board and come up with a 
better implementation that makes it unique. The upcomming version 10 will prove 
my point, and I would advise everybody to get it at the earliest opportunity 
when it is out.

The objections to Vista are some of the changes it makes. Almost all of these 
can be reversed though, it's just a case of looking through your control pannel 
and start menu settings to restore clasic settings. I've done it on my parents 
machine. They prefer the classic start menu to the Vista one, though the Vista 
one is better for many as you can type in the program you want and so be in no 
doubt. That really can be very useful sometimes. Vista is much harder to repair 
by all accounts than XP so that may be a downfall.

Sorry I can't help on your other query.


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  Hi all,

  I've got two queries, i hope someone's got the answers;

  First I'm about to get a new laptop.  Until now I've only used XP but 
apparently all new PC's and laptops have vista as standard.  I'm told vista 
isn't very user-friendly for jaws users.  Can anyone confirm or correct this?  
Can you use jaws on a computer with vista?

  Second I've hit a problem; i can play CD;s and DVD;s, i can read and copy 
files from CD's and DVD's, but i can't write to CD or DVD either via the send 
to submenu or by copy and paste, the drives don't even appear on the send to 
submenu.  I've put new CD and DVD writers on my computer.  Any ideas?

  Thanks in anticipation;

  Keith Jones
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