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Hi Terry.


I appreciated that sort of reply.  I know where you're coming from with regard 
to indivuality etc.  I can't remember anything at all about the layout and 
which bits should go where.

Thanks for that though.

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  HI Sue.

  Well its many many years since I've had to do this however fairly frequently 
I've seen it from the other side so to speak.

  Fishforjobs I recall has quite a good CV generating engine, but to be honest 
what I love in a CV is originality i.e. not something that's been obviously 
generated electronically.

  I of course find helpful the normal table summarising qualifications 
employment history etc, but I also find helpful beyond that individual 
creativity surrounding personal attributes motivations hobbies etc.

  I appreciate this doesn't provide an off the shelf answer but I know from 
recent experience of sifting through dozens of CV's that the ones that stand 
out most are those that have obviously been given some thought and contain 
levels of individuality!

  Hope that kind of helps!



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  I don't have an up to date CV so I'd like to write one.  I'd like to get some 
samples from the internet as I'm not sure how it should be laid out and what 
words to use etc.


  Does anyone know of a good website to get the information from?


  I've looked at Monster.co.uk but didn't find that site easy to navigate with 


  I'd appreciate any suggestions.



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