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And, just to add to that, there is, or was a special offer on the
stream.  In the HumanWare newsletter it states this, though seemingly
the offer is tied to ordering a Victor Stream at an exhibition, like
Sight Village.  Many did do this.

There does seem to be a cut out coupon in the print newsletter which
almost suggests you can send this coupon away, or present it in some
way, to claim the 10 per cent discount.  I'll have to read through the
newsletter again, but doesn't seem very clear to me.  Whatever the
conditions of the offer, the special price was £171.00.  Nearer the
Dollar rate.

I'd expect a slight markup here in the UK, though nothing approaching
the stratospheric markup of some well known products.

From Ray
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Gordon Keen

What does it cost in the states I wonder?
You would have thought that with the favourable exchange rate at
present the
price change would have been in the other direction imho.

From glorious Devon, England
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In my review of the VR Stream on last night's show I gave the price of
Stream in the UK as £175.  This was the price originally quoted to me.
now been told by a reliable source that it will in fact sell here for
Apologies for the misinformation but it doesn't take anything away
from my
argument that the Stream represents better value for money than its
competitors.  I've asked for the error to be corrected in the
information on
the intouch web pages.

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