[access-uk] CF flash card issues and transfer to HD question

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 12:06:54 +0100

Hi.  I've been following the thread about flash cards and solid state
DAISY book readers with some interest.

I'd just like to share an on-going issue I've had with a particular CF
card and the Edirorl R1 - which I've spoken to Steve Nutt about

I recently bought a Peak 2GB CF card for £19.00 rated at, I think,
100x or more.  The Edirol wants nothing to do with it.  The card reads
and can be written to fine in both my PCs in their card readers.  It
is very hard to see the reason for this, and, yes, the Edirol does
have the latest firmware update.

I spoke with a guy yesterday who said that, though he's no tech
expert, he's found that higher speed rated cards do sometimes give
audio recorders some grief.  So, I pass this on for what it might be

As for HD storage and transfer, I wonder if anyone knows of a portable
HD that maybe has a card reader slot so that transfer of material from
cards can be handled without a PC?  I appreciate such a device is
likely not to be VI friendly, as some monitoring of what's going on
would doubtless be done via an LCD screen.  It would be very nice to
back up material on the move in this way, without carrying any sort of
PC around.


From Ray
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