[access-uk] Re: CDA File to MP3

  • From: "Peter Logue" <peterlogue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 12:38:29 -0500

Hi Graham,
If you have store bought CD's, you can rip them into mp3 with your windows
media player. I guess you can do it with copied CD's too. You can give it a
try if you have media player 9 or 10. or you can download Cdex from the
following link. After the link I have pasted a ... how to.  I myself prefer
Windows Media Player.


install the program.
You can run CDEx from your programs menu or the desktop icon.
There are a few things you need to do the first time you use the program.
press f4 Then ctrl+tab until it says file name tab.
Here you can specify the folder where you want to put wav files to be
and also the folder where you want tracks to be stored after ripping
For example on my system they both
C:\Documents and Settings\Debbie\My Documents\My Music\MP3\
You will also find two checkboxes you can check which allow you o select
what kinds
of play lists to keep, m3u and pls.

Now ctrl+tab to the Encoder tab. The only item we will look at here is the
tab until You are on a combo box of the available encoders.
use the arrow keys to select the encoder You wish.
For a beginner I suggest using the lame encoder, which is the first on the
You can optimize the performance of this or any of the encoders but You must
do it
with the jaws cursor, in the lower part of this dialog box.

next ctrl+tab to the remote CDDBtab and fill in Your email address.
Tab and check the box for auto connect to remote CDDB.

then tab until You get to an ok button and press enter.

Now We are ready to start ripping music.
place a cd in Your cd ROM drive, and if it starts playing just abort the
Start cdex if You don't already have it running.
Cdex will check cddb for the cd' content and will fill  in the artist, album
and track names.select the tracks You want from the listview .
Then press f8 to extract to a wav file, or f9 to extract to Your chosen

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