[access-uk] Re: Braille transcription programmesRe: Re: Braille transcription programme

  • From: "Matthew Horspool" <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 16:46:15 +0100


Peter Bentley wrote: "I then reverted to Cypher but this does not provide 
sufficient flexibility in presentation."
The presentation options in Cipher are not apparent from the outset, I admit, 
but they certainly exist: one must place "Dollar 
Commands" in the text file, surrounded by spaces.  As a user of Cipher to 
produce relatively complex transcriptions, I find it quite 
sufficient.  Some examples:
$cs: Centre Text
$rj: Right Justify Text
$cc: Section Separator (row of 12 colons)
$aa: Subsection Separator (row of 12 commas)
$cn: Capitals On
$cf: Capitals Off
$ga: Grade I Braille
$gb: Grade II Braille
$rs: Recet

"Duxbury and WinTrans have been suggested but at £385 and over £800, this is 
too much.
I thought that WinTrans was free; I seem to remember it was a GUI interface to 
NFB's DOS transcription program NFBTrans.  Could 
someone clarify this?


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