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  • From: Moti Azrad <motia@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 17:01:45 +0300


I'm using Vario, 40 cells, and it's quite good, easy to use, and portable.
I've another Braile display which is connected to my Pacmate but I can use it 
as additional Braille display to my Desktop PC. It's the PM 40, I think that is 
one of the best that there are and has many useful features, and is much 
similar to the Focus40, if you saw it.

I hope it helps


Moti Azrad
Musician & Piano-Tuner
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  Unfortunately it seems likely that my PowerBraille 80 Braille display will
  have to be replaced.  I'm not sure which model I should try to get as a
  replacement, but I think a 40-cell display would probably be adequate and
  certainly more portable.

  All I'm looking for at this stage are some recommendations from people who
  use Braille displays as to which model you use and whether there is anything
  you particularly like or dislike about the model you use.  I have only ever
  used a PowerBraille before but have no objections to switching if there is
  anything on the market which is generally considered to be better.  My
  PowerBraille was about six years old and I haven't really kept up with
  developments in all that time as I haven't needed to, but I know the choice
  is certainly greater than it was in 2001.

  Thanks for any help,


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