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If it’s the steel strap, hang the watch on your wrist with the winder on the
right and the triangular 12 marker furthest away from you.

On the portion of the strap nearest you there is part of the catch. This has a
bar going across it and can be moved up and down the strap to vary the
tightness of the fastened watch. Wrap[ this under your wrist.

At the end of the strap furthest from you there is the other element of the
catch. tis has two hooks nearest the strap and another thing which fits into
the other part of the strap. You need to put the hooks over the bar and lock
this part of the catch. This can be quite fiddly till you get used to it.

Finally, there is another loose fastening which needs to be closed over to give
additional security.


Jp[e tjat je;[s and enjoy the watch. Mine is a week less than two years old
and hasn’t yet needed a battery.

On 26 Dec 2015, at 11:20, Jackie Brown <jackieannbrown62@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Season's greetings everyone!

My husband bought me a Bradley Timepiece for Christmas, and I wonder if
anyone with this lovely watch could tell me how to do up the bracelet strap
it comes with, please? I guess I am going to look very stupid once I have
worked out how to fasten it, but it remains a mystery at the moment!

This is a really lovely watch, I had no difficulty setting the time and
feeling the little bearings. It's just the strap I'm puzzled by, so any
simple way of describing how it fastens would be great. I generally buy
expandable straps for my Braille watches, but I really like the feel of the
strap on my Bradley, so don't want to change it if I can help it.

With many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown
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