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  • Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 21:31:57 +0100

Hello, Gordon,

Is this a works machine or is it your own? Surely your employer needs to sort 
it out if it's not yours. 

The fan not sounding good would worry me, as any machine that had a dodgy fan 
died soon aftwards, so back up everything like the devil.

It's simple to fix the fan so long as it's done before it gets too serious. 

You could try running sWindowSetup, if it will run, but as you've found it 
might or might not put things right.


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  My machine at work begins to boot up, gets to a fe seconds of the Windows 
setup screen then goes back to the menu highlighting 'start windows normally'. 
I'e tried the Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration options but I always 
get put back to the same menu after a few seconds.

  Some of my options ay be:
  1. A faulty power supply - I'm not sure the fan is turning - could this give 
a partial bootup. It certainly gets through the initial screens OK.
  2. Faulty Harddrive, perhaps not closed down right.
  3. Windows Software problem caused by a corrupted file. I don't particularly 
want to reformat without getting files off, so is there a way of re-loading 
Windows without losing  current setup, etc. I've tried repairing Windows before 
on other machines and seem to go round in circles and eventually have to re 

  Any ideas?
  Gordon McFarlane


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