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Jackie, can't add much to all that's been said, including David's good
post below, except to say that I personally find the Stream an
acceptable replacement for a CD DAISY player.  This in part because I
have a Victor Classic on loan from RNIB and I find the navigation
buttons on the Stream sufficiently similar to make using it easy.  (I
use a CD wallettype speaker semi-permanently plugged in for book

There will be updates to the Stream, and one of the eagerly awaited
ones is the ability to play Audible files.    Who knows if the text
reading facility might not be beefed up too, but we don't know that.

Finally, interestingly enough, the VIPlayer has a new review on
blindcooltech, but won't say anything now about that, except that it
is aimed more at the general reader than those demanding advanced
DAISY navigation.  It also has an in-built FM radio.


From Ray
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David Russell

Hi Jackie,

I have been a Courier user for a few years, and now have a Stream.
the size is much about the same.  the Courier runs on AA batteries but
the Stream has a rechargeable battery.  The main use for the Courier
is to read text files.  It does this very well if you like the
doubletalk speech.  i got used to it quickly and quite like it.  The
Stream also reads text files but uses the Samantha voice which is
rather strange at first but is growing on me.  More voices are
apparently on their way.  So, not much in it for text files, with the
Courier possibly slightly ahead.  Music can be listened to on both
machines, but the Courier takes ages to load with music.  The Stream
is faster, particularly with a card reader.  I would not particularly
recommend either player as a primary music source, but they both do
the job.  MP3 books can be handled by both.  With the Courier, you
cannot speed them up, but you can with the Stream, and it does not
alter the speaking voice.  So the Stream has the edge, but it is with
talking books that the Stream wins hands down.  You can listen to
talking books on the Courier but they are slow to load and you do not
have navigational facilities.  On the Stream you have full Daisy
capability and you can speed up without deterioration to the voice.
The Stream is a great talking book player.

the Stream is a little cheaper than the Courier, and upgrades are
promised, whereas it seems unlikely that we will have much more in the
way of improvements to the Courier.  So, much as I love my Courier, it
has to be the Stream for me.

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Hi Guys

What are the differences between the Book Courier and Victor Stream,
apart from the type of storage cards used?  I know I'm going to be
asked this question later today, so I would like to be definitive in
my replies.

I have used a BC, so can say with certainty what it can and can't do.
But I haven't seen the VS, so would appreciate your thoughts on a
comparison between the two please.

Many thanks.


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