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  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 19:24:38 +0100

Hi Saqib I bought a similar one I am sure.  Mine did not need any software 
installation which was what I wanted.  Now I cannot help much here because I 
use Supernova and I tend to rely on magnification also.  What I do is plug my 
USB dongle in to the USB port and ensure that I have Bluetooth turned on via 
Tools, Communications on my phone.  Then I ensure that the USB Bluetooth is 
active on my computer by going to Start, All Programmes, Accessories, 
Communications, Bluetooth.  there is then a wizard which is a very small one.  
I can't think what the first page says but I know I click next.  Then I am 
asked if I want to send or receive and here there is a radio button.  I ensure 
that I am saying I want to receive.  Now again can't remember if it is on that 
screen or the next, I think on that same screen, I need to pair the bluetooth 
so that it sees my phone.  I then have to enter 4 zeros to pair the two devices 
and there is a button on my screen to look for Bluetooth devices.  My phone is 
called Burke in this instance and  I then attempt to send the file from 
thephone and wait and hear what is said.  Now sorry I am not telling this very 
well but if you are still stuck I will go through the process myself step by 
step and let you know off list.

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  Hi. I've just bought a Bluetooth Dongle for my desktop. I can send files from 
the PC to my E71 but I can't send them to my PC. I get a swift response saying 
sending failed.

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