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Thanks Amro I will give it a try.


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Hi Phil,

I take it you want BlindSquare to announce all bus stops on root and not just
your bus stop. I haven’t tried this idea below as I only bought BlindSquare
three days ago but I think it could work - I’ll try it on Monday. Give it a go
if you have the chance.

On the main screen, click on Filter Announcements. Now from the picker item
choose Places only. Swipe down to Automatically announced categories and
deselect all but Travel and Transport. Back to the main screen, change the
Radius to 200m/300m (650ft/980ft).

Mind you though, if this configuration indeed works and does what you want, I
believe a drawback of it is that you won’t be notified of any other landmarks
but bus stops/stations and train stations only.

If I misunderstood your question, and what you want is rather to make sure that
BlindSquare notifies you of your bus stop upon arrival, then refer to the
(Using BlindSquare in Vehicles) section in instructions at


And I found this AppleVis podcast (An Introduction and Overview of BlindSquare)
to be useful. Get it at


And as we on this topic, I’d like to say that although I’ve only had
BlindSquare for few days but I am well impressed!

Let us know what you think.


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Hi List

Earlier this week someone mentioned that Blind Square announces bus stops. I
have tested this today but without success. Could someone advise me please how
to change the settings so this will happen.


Phil Roberts

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