[access-uk] Re: Betterlife Loc Dots Self Adhesive Raised Dots Pack of 6

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So sorry, I'd just read a message from Alison and managed to swap the names in my mind ...

What about good old Amazon? They do some stuff for VI's. Colbolt just may know of a supplier ...

Did you ask if that meant none of the Lloyds chemists actually have them in stock? At least, if they did, you could take the last they have! <Smiles>

Do let us know if you source any, please.

Sorry I can't be of any more help right now. We don't have any left and were wanting to order some ...

Carol P

On 17/10/2016 15:14, daj.griffith@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I used to buy these small Betterlife Loc Dots Self Adhesive Raised keyboard 
Dots from the RNIB. Then they stopped selling them, instead providing only the 
larger bump ons which are unsuitable for many keyboards,  and I instead sourced 
them from Lloyds online chemist.

Today Lloyds  emailed me to say that Betterlife  had discontinued this product 
and was no longer selling it.
They had no suggestions for an alternative.

Does anybody know of an alternative. The good thing about these dots was their 
small size, similar to the tactile marking you get on the F and J keys on many 
keyboards. There was no problem then with normal typing on them or with laptop 
cases shutting normally  etc.

David Griffith

David Griffith

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